As the saying goes: “Comedy is a tragedy that happens to somebody else.”

With enough marriage tragedies brought together, there should be a laugh for everyone.


All of the data comes from Wikipedia.

CMMHO parses a dump of english Wikipedia. The parser only looks for marriages in the Template:Marriage microformat. A lot of marriage data is not in that format and is ignored.

To calculates spouse ages, the CMMHO parser looks for dates of birth and dates of death in the standard Wikipedia microformats. Again, these are sometimes not in the expected format and will be ignored.

The popularity of a person is the number of page views of their Wikipedia page over a recent set of days. The popularity of a couple is the sum the popularity of the spouses.


If you see a marriage has incorrect data, you can very likely help solve the problem yourself by updating the Wikipedia page. Remember to put marriages, births, and deaths into the expected microformats.

If a marriage is not displayed on CMMHO but is listed on Wikipedia, most likely the marriage is not in the Template:Marriage microformat. Please update the Wikipedia page. If the marriage is already in the {{marriage}} format and not displayed, let CMMHO know as the parser may be failing.

If you see a marriage is duplicated, most likely the marriage is listed on the Wikipedia page of each spouse but has different start dates. Please update Wikipedia to correct.

Please note that changes to Wikipedia will be shown on Wikipedia immediately but CMMHO only re-parses every few weeks.

Please contact the officiant for anything else.